Being Mary Jane Recap, “Feeling Lost”: Latina Mamas, Lies + Lessons

Feeling Lost

Previously on Being Mary Jane

Tuesday’s episode, Feeling Lost, had Mary Jane and Justin butt heads about all of the social media exposure (#private) and when the trolls find out about Simone, Justin decided to go overseas to cover a story (and put some distance between him and Mary Jane0. The Patersons are also facing relationship obstacles, as Mr. Paterson kicks Pauletta out the house after learning she still has the hots for an old fling.

Feeling Lost

Mary Jane finds out that Simone, Justin’s ex, is dead and that her ex, Lee, is shopping a show about their relationship/breakup (lawd). In an attempt to get in front of it, she sets up an interview with The Breakfast Club, but we see that in preparing for the spin-session she is… well… less than ready. What is she going to do about Lee’s show? Will this be the final straw for an already stretched thin Justin?

Kara and her baseball boo are doing well, in fact, he is thinking about retiring, but his mother has different plans. After setting up a big block party in his former neighborhood (to remind him that kids look up to him) Baseball-Boo is also having some doubts of his own.

Feeling Lost

Back at the station, Kara sets up an interview for him and is ambushed by Tomi who tries to railroad the athlete for standing up for immigration rights (#altrighthater). We later learn that conservative trolls now have their targets set on her man and she is not about to let that happen. How is she going to keep her in check?

In Atlanta Mrs. Patterson is out of the house and Patrick wants to know why. At lunch with his mother Mrs. Patterson revealed that Frank (Mr. Billy D.) is actually his father and Patrick can’t handle it. Will this news impact his sobriety?

The episode ends with Mary Jane receiving flowers from Justin. I guess he is less mad now. #comebacktoNewYork

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