Being Mary Jane Recap, “Feeling Hashtagged”: Mary Jane and Justin go Public

Being Mary Jane

“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor E. Frankl

There is a lot going on in the latest installment of Being Mary Jane… But first, let’s recap.

Being Mary Jane

Last week on Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane snoops to find out Justin has major bank, work politics are getting underneath Paulette’s skin and Niecy is finally finding her way.

This week, Mary Jane is back in the middle of drama as she covers a Charter school vs. public school story that goes left. Justin runs into the crowd as Mary Jane screams for him and the hashtag #whoisjustin goes viral.

Being Mary Jane

While everyone tries to figure out who Justin is, Niecy is becoming quite the entrepreneur. She comes up with the idea to rent out car seats for mothers who can’t afford them and it seems like her motivation and guidance is rubbing off on her friend (Ameeka). Is she on to something with the Baby Momma Life Hacks?

The hashtag #whoisJustin fast forwards Mary Jane and Justin’s relationship into the spotlight but… is he ready for that?

The preview for next week shows Mama Patterson’s marriage and Mary Jane Paul’s relationship on the rocks. Is Niecy the only Patterson on the right track?


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