Being Mary Jane Recap: Feeling Friendless (Mary Jane Tackles Race + Politics at Work + Niecy is Finding Her Way)

Being Mary Jane

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merel rearranging their prejudices.”
– WIlliam James

Being Mary Jane

So… let’s recap. For Mary Jane’s birthday the family mad pledged to be their best selves and live their best lives. While Niecy is trying to figure out what her next steps are, Patrick is turning out to be quite the activist. The network hires Tomi, I mean Dani, an outspoken conservative. Last week Niecy goes to New York to ‘check on’ her big cousin. Little did Big Mama (Helen) know, she had her own plans. Finding some love on a dating app she hooks up with New York starving artist and is inspired (by him and Mary Jane) to find her passion.

When the episode opens, Mary Jane is snooping in Justin’s brownstone and finds out he’s a bit of a neat freak, has a to-go emergency bag and… (well, I will get to that later). At work Mary Jane is feeling a little on the outs and confides in her lovable MUA and hair stylist Ty (Hey Ty!).

Back at home Patrick holds a talk about protesting with Deray (hey Deray!) and he is heckled for being gay. I’d like to take a pause to acknowledge the writing in this scene “We aren’t born WOKE something wakes us up.” Great line. But I digress…

Back at the office Mary Janes goes HAM on the new Tomi girl and lands in hot water. Needing to save face, she apologizes to the crew and moves forward with hosting her housewarming party. While tension is still in the air she manages to hold it together despite being on edge by the white republicans that crashed the event.

When the episode concludes Niecy gets her job back at the salon; not quite the job she wants but… a first step (go Niecy!)


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