Banana Clips Are Having A Moment…Again!

Banana Clips

Banana Clips used to be a thing of the past. Keyword: used to. That’s right, thanks to Alexander Wang’s recent runway collection at this year’s New Year Fashion Week, he’s made them popular again…

Banana Clips

I, too used to wear Banana Clips as a young girl in the ’90s. But don’t look for me to follow this trend today. “It’s a cool way to put your hair up and not feel too lady.” said coiffeur Guido Palau. Okay, so I’m not sure what “too lady” really means. I will admit that I like how Alexander Wang slicked his model’s hair into the accessory, instead of opting for a messy look.

This style is actually chic enough to wear to work; if you decide to follow it, of course. And, just in case you do, I’ve listed a few styles to snag right now.

Shop the Look:

1Banana Clips2 Banana Clips3 Banana Clips

1 Riviera Antique Banana Clip $8 

2 Karina Bronze Tone Banana Clip $8 

3 DCNL Black Banana Clip $6.99


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