Jigsaw Wants To Take Back Halloween In New Freaky Trailer!


Jigsaw, I really thought I was done with him and the SAW movies, but after watching this trailer…I feel like I’m just getting started. See for yourself, inside.

Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Frontman Hangs Himself on Bday of Chris Cornell

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington, this is a tough one. I am in total shock. The 41 year-old lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Linkin Park, has died. This story is sad yet a little strange because today also marks the birthday of  Soundgarden frontman, Chris Cornell, who was also Bennington’s best friend…

Hip-Hop Music Runs The United States of America!


So… Dimas Sanfiorenzo and Riley Wallace of  HipHopx just released articles showcasing Hip Hop as the most consumed music genre in America and all I have to say is… of course it is. Hip Hop is a genre spun from struggle, obstacles and beating the odds. It is, if America was a biopic movie titled “The […]

I Can’t! Skechers Blatantly Copies Yeezy Boost V2 ‘Beluga’ Design


Skechers has really drawn the line this time. I mean, I already don’t understand why anyone would wear this shoe brand, and now, now they’ve really dug themselves deeper when it comes to style; or lack thereof. Case in point, them biting the design from Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost sneaker. I can’t. Details inside.

Quote of the Day…

John Boyega

My mom and dad have been together for 25 years, so that’s the system I will follow. It’s nice to survive with your companion by your side. I’m sure it’s a good thing. But I’ve never experienced it. And people advise you as a celebrity, ‘Make sure you get someone who doesn’t care about your career. [However] She has to […]

Ataribox: I Don’t Know What It Is, But I Want One!


Ataribox, just think about the original Atari and then add a decade of new technology…maybe. That’s how secretive this new gaming console is at the moment. The Ataribox premiered in a teaser trailer at this year’s E3 convention. Just think, revived Nintendo and you’ll be on the right track! Details inside.