Being Mary Jane Recap, “Feeling Tested”: Promotions, Pregnancies + Divorce… Oh My!

Feeling Tested

Feeling Tested, the title of last night’s latest episode of Being Mary Jane. Last week on Being Mary Jane, the Pattersons are moving forward with their divorce (sad face), Patrick stays sober and moves his mentee into the house temporarily, Niecy and her #babymamahacks partner part ways because Niecy isn’t comfortable with how her friend […]

Being Mary Jane Recap, “Feeling Seen”: Kara and Justin Go Toe-To-Toe + Lose Big Time

Feeling Seen

Feeling Seen, the title of last night’s latest episode of Being Mary Jane. Last week on Being Mary Jane, Justin comes back to New York. The Patersons’ are on the outs and Paul still wants a divorce. Kara is working her magic at work and angling for Garrett’s job. Patrick is dealing with his parent’s […]

Joshua Triplett: A Singer, Actor, Model + Producer You Oughta Know [Interview]

Joshua Triplett

Joshua Triplett, the singer, actor, model, producer, director, magician may be the hardest working man in Hollywood. I sat down to discuss his many projects, family life, and what motivates him to wear so many hats. Intervew inside!

Being Mary Jane Recap, “Feeling Destined”: The Patersons Visit MJ & Justin Comes Back

Feeling Destined

Feeling Destined, Tuesday’s episode of Being Mary Jane started with Kara slaying the Latina Mama Bear hovering around her man and working on helping her Baseball Bae transition to life after retirement. Back in Atlanta, the Paterson’s are at odds, with Mrs. Paterson moving out of the house and Mr. Paterson brooding around with a […]

Being Mary Jane Recap, “Feeling Lost”: Latina Mamas, Lies + Lessons

Feeling Lost

Previously on Being Mary Jane Tuesday’s episode, Feeling Lost, had Mary Jane and Justin butt heads about all of the social media exposure (#private) and when the trolls find out about Simone, Justin decided to go overseas to cover a story (and put some distance between him and Mary Jane0. The Patersons are also facing […]

Being Mary Jane Recap: “Feeling Ambushed” Mrs. Patterson + Mary Jane’s Relationships Face Turning Points

Feeling Ambushed

Last week on Being Mary Jane we learned that Mama Patterson has a past we did not anticipate… but the past has come home to roost and that means drama in the marriage. Mary Jane and Justin are now in a public relationship but all is not glitter and gold.