Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield Responds to NeNe Leakes Argument

Although fans had been waiting months to find out what the Atlanta Housewives were up to, they probably weren’t expecting the big spat between friends Sheree Whitfield and NeNe Leakes.

Find out what Sheree has to say about it after the jump.

On last Sunday’s premiere, drama erupted when Leakes and Whitfield met each other for lunch. Apparently NeNe tried taking money from Sheree when they were asked to host a party. NeNe called her a liar and jealous.

So, what does Sheree have to say after the blowup? She told hairstylist Curly Nikki:

“I’m happy for anybody that’s doing their thing and taking their success o a whole ‘nother level…that’s wonderful. But in the process, you cannot look down on people. My motto is this, the same people you look down on coming up, is the same people you’ll be looking up to when you’re coming down. You can’t do that. You still have to remember where you came from and be humble. And I just feel like she’s not that way.”

Sheree is currently working on a hair line and you can look forward to even more drama on the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo.

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