Astrofrecks: Freckle Tattoos In The Shape Of Your Astrological Sign


Astrofrecks have one-upped getting temporary freckles on your face. How? Well, now instead of getting random dots around your nose, you can get them in the shape of your astrological sign. Yup, that’s a thing now. Details, inside.


Metro reports that Astrofrecks was designed by tattooist Jessica Knapik, as a way to honor loved ones or your astrology sign. I’m a Capricorn and I LOVE being one, but would I get freckles in the shape of its star sign? Yeah, it’s a no. Though I would consider it for Halloween or my birthday. Although, you will need to visit a tattoo artist to get this done, the work will eventually fade. “Make sure you go to a cosmetic tattoo artist. We use different machines, different ink, and different needles.

Please don’t let someone put giant doll freckles on you with a standard tattoo machine.” Knapik told Bustle.



“Hide the constellation for your astrological sign in your freckles! It’ll be your secret” Jessica caption in an Instagram post, that showed her client getting them. It seems that people who already have freckles are getting Astrofrecks mixed in with their own. I have yet to see someone like myself, with a plain pretty face, have a bunch of dots around their nose in the shape of a star sign. There is a first time for everything.

Which makes me ask: Would you try Astrofrecks?

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