Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 Gets Premiere Date!

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Ash Vs Evil Dead, one of my favorite television shows, has finally been given a premiere date for the third season. And an interesting storyline too…

Ash Vs Evil Dead

I caught wind of the date while visiting the show’s official Facebook page. Season three of Ash Vs Evil Dead premieres on Starz, February 25th. I know! That is such a long time. That’s actually what a lot of fans commented saying but don’t worry because the official rep who runs the page replied saying “But well worth the wait.”

Okay, I’m here for you Ash Vs Evil Dead. At least I know I have something to look forward to in February. Shade was just thrown on Valentine’s Day in case you didn’t catch that.

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Aside from the four month premiere date, it seems that the crew which includes: Ash, Lucy and Pablo are going back to school. “Evil is about to get Schooled” is the image caption. Oh my goodness, I just noticed Ash’s shadow. I was so encaptured by the guts being held by that fake bear.

Season two did leave us with the gang being back in Ash’s hometown. I guess now evil has reached the school grounds. I’m here for it! And, for those of you wondering what makes this show so damn cool…peep this scene that will go down in TV history!

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