Another One Bites the Dust: A Nude Demi Lovata Lands on the Internet

demi4 She may be like a skyscraper. But now Demi Lovato is also like all the other celebrities whose naked bods have miraculously ended up on the internet. This afternoon, photos of the former Disney star surfaced online of her biting the lip of Wilmer Valderama and getting on all fours. Last August, Huffington Post reported that there were images of Demi being shopped around. And now they've arrived. demi1 demi2 Honestly, these aren't anything to make a big deal about. She's kissing her rumored boyfriend, smiling for the camera while topless under a white sheet and naked in the else are you supposed to be. demi3 The only thing these pictures left me thinking was... Who took them?

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