American Apparel's Transgender Open Call Backfires


Fashion brand American Apparel is known for pushing the limit when it comes to promoting their latest fashion styles, but they had no idea the repercussions when they sent out an advertisement for their transgender open call.

Once American Apparel advertised their exciting new business venture via their official Instagram, fans decided to go back to a 2010 article written by transgender advocate and author Joanna Herman, which states the term ‘transgender’ is actually seen as derogatory in the gay community.

The article reads:

Most transgender people I know have felt a gender incongruity for as long as  they remember, and evolving science says we were probably born feeling like  this. The only thing that changed along the way has been our awareness that  there are others like us. We didn’t “decide” to be transgender.

Herman also referenced African American’s being labeled ‘colored people’ during historical times. Which actually, in the end will date back to your own opinion, which is if you agree that transgender people were ‘born this way’ or chose to live that lifestyle.

Why homosexuals tend to reference their lifestyle with that of Black people, as if we chose to be Black, beats me. But, I don’t judge.

Tattlers, do you think American Apparel meant to offend the transgender community with their advertisement, or were they trying to do good?

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