Amber Rose + Blac Chyna  Sport Shake n’ Go Wigs While Partying in Hollywood

Amber Rose + Blac Chyna

Amber Rose + Blac Chyna have a lot of fake body parts, so it’s no surprise they’d wear fake hair too. Is that shade? More like facts. Paparazzi spotted both of the former strippers rocking shake n’ go wigs while leaving the Hollywood club scene over the weekend.

Amber Rose + Blac Chyna 

 Amber Rose + Blac Chyna may be wearing stringy hair wigs but the money received just to party is real. At least for Chyna. Mail Online reports the former reality star was paid $15k in cash before walking into Project LA night club on Saturday.

And she only stayed for an hour! #Goals Now, how much of that actually goes into her bank account, who knows, because she probably has a manager, booking agent, lawyer and a stylist that need to get paid.

Amber Rose + Blac Chyna 

Amber on the other hand seemed to be enjoying a non-paid girl’s night out at club Playhouse to celebrate the birthday of her friend Paloma. The 33 year-old may be getting less paid gigs after saying women from her hometown of Philly aren’t “traditionally attractive.”

That ignorant statement led a lot of women of color asking Amber Rose if she thought she was hot because of her light complexion. Her comment received so much backlash she had to release a statement saying “I wasn’t saying that’s how I felt, I was saying that’s how people treated me.”

Can we stop expecting Amber to speak knowledge or anything that’s of common sense?

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