Urban Decay’s New Full Spectrum Palette Is A Prismatic-Hued Dream

Urban Decay has been hard at work coming up with some of the hottest new beauty products on the market. We were already amped from their line of Naked illuminators, but just yesterday the brand announced the release of The Full Spectrum Palette. Keep reading to find out more — including when and where it’ll be released!

palette(via Urban Decay)

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Holy Hottie! Whoever Put Justin Theroux On The Cover Of Men’s Health Is A Genius.

There’s only one good thing to have come from the nightmarish news of Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie’s split… and that’s our brand-new distraction, Justin Theroux. The 45 year-old hunk’s career is definitely on the rise: he stars in HBO hit The Leftovers, and is currently promoting his upcoming blockbuster, The Girl On The Train. Then the public swooned when he shielded his wife from the Brangelina hype by going on record to comment on the divorce, and melted our hearts when he praised his marriage to Jen in an interview… and then we saw his muscles.


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SJP LBD: Here’s The First Confirmed Dress From Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Fashion Line

For those of us who loved Sex & The City (and let’s face it, who didn’t?) our love of Carrie Bradshaw is basically synonymous with our love of Sarah Jessica Parker. There is no other long-running TV-show heroine we can think of who is more beloved or iconic for our generation of fashion girls on-the-rise. Who better than SJP to launch her very own fashion line so we, too, can dress just like Carrie Bradshaw? Here’s what we know so far about SJP LBD.


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Corset Braids Are Hot RN

It’s kind of amazing how much a subtle change to your hair can spruce up an entire look. That’s why we’re dying to show you the corset braid, a totally unique new trend in hair. While braids have already made their way onto the Fashion Week runways and red carpets alike, we’d like to acquaint you with this brand new twist to the tried-and-true hairstyle. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing new hair trend on the rise.


(via Xpress Mag)

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8 Fall Runway Trends You Can Actually Wear

Fashion Weeks across the globe have us reeling with all the new looks and inspiration for the season ahead. Although we love the looks of haute couture and runway models, the fact of the matter is, most of the time the looks just don’t translate into everyday style. That’s why we’ve compiled 8 runway trends you might actually wear in real life. Keep reading to find out what they are.


(via Harper’s Bazaar)

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Snapchat Spectacles: Five Things You Should Know

Snapchat has been busy making some major changes. Not only do they now officially go by Snap, Inc., but they’ve just released a brand new product called Spectacles. As the name suggests, these Snap Specs are a wearable device in the form of some seriously high-tech glasses. As the world of tech evolves around us, we can hardly keep up, so keep reading to stay in the know on the top 5 things you need to know about Snapchat’s brand-new Spectacles.


(via Wired)

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New Torrid Denim Collection Promotes Body Diversity

The clothing line Torrid has just announced a new line of denim celebrating body diversity, ranging in sizes from 10 to 30. The most exciting part about this body inclusive fashion proclamation is the wide variety of fabulous looks now available to women of all body types, shapes and sizes. Plus, you will absolutely love the range of models they’ve chosen to debut their brand new looks. (Hint: it includes an OITNB star!)


(via Refinery29)

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Quote of the Day…


To ‘DO YOU’ is to take ownership of yourself and finding the power within that ownership —it’s a very powerful statement. It’s about accepting who you are, no matter your faults. ‘DO YOU’ is about finding your truth and sticking to it. I think it’s so special because it means something different for everyone. It specifically encourages people to be themselves.

Cara Delevingne said about the new PUMA ‘Do You’ campaign.

Kevin Hart Posts First Photo from ‘Jumanji’ Set

I’m looking at this photo (before I post it) and I’m thinking ‘what the heck is going on?’ Kevin Hart posted a photo on-set of the Jumanji remake and I can’t believe  my eyes! The cast was once made up of a young girl and boy, played by Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce, but now I see sex, sex and hot pants! Check out the picture inside.


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Kat Von D’s Studded Lipstick Hits Sephora!!

A new season means a new beauty regime. Have a little fun getting dressed up this fall with Kat Von D’s new studded lipstick. A variety of colors hit the official Sephora website this afternoon and I’ve got the details on price and colors. There is definitely a shade for everyone. Check out the tones and Kat’s hip packaging that will make this product a total sellout, inside!


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